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Shine Maternity and Imaging Center

Shine Maternity and Imaging Center is a private health clinic located in Kitebi Opposite the Mosque. Your doctor’s visits are designed to take into account your convenience in the Shine Maternity and Imaging Center. You can book a consultation with your doctor at the time you need it. In order to ensure you receive the best possible treatment, our expert team will always do their utmost to make sure that your health is a top priority.

We offer a range of services, tailored to the needs and requirements of the community in which they operate, including; Ultra sound, Family planning, Antenatal, Deliveries, Theater operations / Surgical Procedures, Child care, Medical care provided by a dedicated team of professional and friendly medical professionals. Shine Maternity and Imaging Center aims at being the largest women’s hospital in the whole of East Africa.


Shine Maternity and Imaging Center started on the 29th- September 2014 in a single room with one couch bed, one ultra sound machine, a midwife and sonographer. It quickly grew to offer a wide range of services including sonography, antenatal, deliveries, family planning, theater/operations, Diagnostic services. 

Shine has grown into 4 branches:

  1. Shine Maternity Center  – Kitebi (0753212560)
  2. Shine Maternity Center – Kisenyi (0751629649)
  3. Shine Maternity Center  – South Sudan Border (0774080441)
  4. Shine Maternity Center  – Mityana (0774830430)
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