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We provide a wide range of ultrasound services ranging from Obstetric ultrasound that includes first trimester scans, comprehensive fetal anatomy scans and fetal growth scans. We also carry out gynecological scans to rule out gynecological conditions which include fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases, causes of infertility, as well as specialty care to adolescent gynecology and maternity care. Other ultrasound services include; abdominal ultra sound scan, endo-vaginal scan, scrotal scan, thyroid scan, breast scan and doppler scan all at an affordable cost.


At Shine, we carry out all kinds of theater operation starting from giving birth and many others. Our team is highly experienced and will do anything and everything possible to see that every operation and surgery is successful and you have little or nothing to worry about. Our theater is always open 24/7. The major surgical procedures offered include; Cesarean section, Prostatectomy, Herniolaphy, Oophorectomy, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy and many others. We follow aseptic technics and give prescribed drugs very well to make sure that no infection are encountered.


Here at Shine, we offer the best antenatal services during first, second, and third trimester. During Antenatal care, we educate mothers on various conditions which improves the mother and babies’ well being e.g. Nutrition, Malaria in Pregnancy, Anemia, Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. We also ensure that every mother takes the antenatal drugs i.e., Folic acid, Fefol, fansidar and tetanus toxoid injection. We do blood Check ups , measure your weight, blood pressure, and treat accordingly.


At Shine, we have the best equipment and a team of experienced doctors, midwives and nurses to help you through your delivery process. We ensure the safety of both you and your child. In normal cases, its recommended for a woman to push her baby and incase there are any complications noticed, Cesarean is carried out to keep both the mother and bay safe.


From when your child is born, we always take the responsibility to make sure they grow up in the right way and very healthy. Your child’s health and future is our priority because we believe they are the next generation of important people in this world. Together, our children will grow the right way.


Here at Shine, we offer a range of family planning methods. We healthy educate you on a range of various family planning methods and you choose which one best suit you. The various methods include; Implant, IUD, Jadelle, Injecta plan, Sayana, COCs, Moon beads, Condoms, Calendar method, POPs and Basel body temperature.


We have the best medical care. Is anything disturbing you and you feel like your health is not in good condition, simply visit us and we shall examine you and determine what the problem is and give you the best medication. You can contact us by calling on any of our phone numbers or even booking an appointment online. We can’t wait to see you get healthy again.


Shine Maternity center offers advanced gynecological services including cervical cancer screening and treatment, causes of infertility and it’s management, myomectomy, gynecological endo-vag ultra sound scan, ovarian cystectomy, ectopic pregnancy management, bilateral tubal ligation and PAP’s smear.


Shine Maternity and Imaging center commits to providing quality medical laboratory services by generating accurate test results on time, using appropriate services with love, analysis and intensive care by offering services i.e., Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood slide (BS), Urinalysis, FBS/RBS, HIV/HCT, H. Pylori, HEPB, TPHA, Widal, HCG and many others.


Because we care, at Shine Medical center we provide an ambulance for all emergencies. This will pick the Laboring mothers to the maternity center and back after delivery. Our ambulance is always available 24/7 to ensure that you get the best services in time. Give us a call on +256 753212560 at any time and we shall respond in no time.


Bring children 6 times before their first birthday to complete a full course of immunization (BCG, DPT, OPV/IPV, PCV, Rota, Pneumonia, and Measles). Bring adolescent girls to receive the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine against cancer of the cervix at the age of 10. Pregnant women and women of child bearing age should be immunized against tetanus.


At Shine, we have a well equipped pharmacy with all the quality medicines required for your body to regain strength and get better. Are you feeling sick, come and consult with our pharmacist and receive the best prescription for your health. Our medication is well prescribed by a doctor to make sure it will do exactly what it is supposed to do in the given time.

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